Saturday, December 6, 2008

Passion Pit's "Chunk Of Change"

This is a band you'll probably be reading about, if you haven't already. Passion Pit are another one of those dance rock bands probably liken them more to something like Cut Copy then Does This Offend You, Yeah. The lead singer's voice does stick out but if you don't midn it I'm sure you can get some joy out of this EP.

I probably would not have downloaded it if it didn't get props in's year end list. Anyways, I pretty sure that one of the songs on here is on a Canadian PSP commercial. I would research this further but I've got to run. I'll be upping the new Common as well. And check back in a week for my Top 30 Songs Of '08 and then a week after that for my 20 Favourite Albums of '08.

Check Passion Pit out HERE.

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