Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight Sad's "Killed My Parents And Hit The Road"

I know, I know it has been awhile and really you have no reason to visit this site anymore. The leaks are lacking but keep visiting this sorry excuse of a blog. My year end lists will be posted here and you may get a surprise: It may be pictures of me you'd have to be over to 18 to view ot it may be a contest to see who win's my Limited Edition 1 in 50.000 Pog (I'm totally serial).

I'm sorry for the lack of updates I really don't have any other excuse other then that I am single parent to 2.5 children, I'm also busy trolling Craigslist ads for significant others, these duties along with being a super astronaut sometimes do get in the way of me upping links and writing paragraphs that no one will read.

Anyways, this is Twilight Sad's latest EP/compilation disc that has been sold at shows. I downloaded one of their previous albums some time ago and never really dug it but after listening to this I may have to re-download them again. I originally only downloaded this to hear their cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Modern Romance".

Check it out HERE.

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