Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pistols N' Lilacs' "Asian People Have The Freedom To Vote For Whomever They Choose"

Oh hey look, its a picture of a bike.

I just hope I don't get sued for this. Anyways, we all know the hype surrounding this album which is best explained by Chuck Klostermaan's review of this album HERE. Anyways, I was never a big fan of this band but I did listen to this album and I have to admit that I would rather listen to this then other shit that is polluting radio airwaves at the moment. "Better" and "If The World" are really the only songs I'd ever replay. And you never know one day I may have to buy this album just as an artifact of the times. Anyways my American readers enjoy your Mountain Dew and all hail Axel Rose as being the most significant ginger in popular music today.

Check out the 15 years and millions dollars of work HERE.

P.S. Right now, I like this more then the new Kanye.

Also, what are some good rap albums this year, I maybe have one but its an EP. My Year End list is going to be pretty weak on the rap front.


Justin said...

The Carter III? Maybe the new Common album will be good. I like the first single from 808s but from what I heard all the songs on the album sound exactly the same.

Personally, I give album of the year to MGMT or TV on the Radio.

M.Ho said...

Yeah, I only dig a couple songs off of the Cater III the album as a whole ain't too great. If I had to judge the album based on the cover alone it would be a 10.

The first half of the MGMT album is amazong, second half just falls off in my opinion.

B.brooks. said...

I'll give you a couple of my favourites for the year. It was a rough year for hip hop.

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold.

Yak Ballz - Scifentology II

Ludacris - Theatre of Mind (this just came out but its growing on me quickly) check 'MVP' and 'I Do It For Hip Hop'

Rick Ross - Trilla (if you can consider this with an open mind for what it is and is meant to be, you may enjoy it haha)

nagessor said...

Dark side of Oz by the Problemaddicts is the best rap album of the year. You have to check it out

Anonymous said...

J-Live -Then What Happened is pretty good.
Blue Scholars - Butter & Gun$ EP if you're into political hip hop. Oh and the Raashan Ahmad - The Push and the new Statik Selektah.

M.Ho said...

Thanks for the recommendations.....I dont think Im ready to cross over to Ludacris or Rick Ross just yet. I gave that Atmosphere album a shot but Ive never really gotten into him.

I downloaded this album by a rapper called "Black Milk", I heard it was suppose to be good but right now there is probably going to be only one rapper on my year end list.

Wale's Mixtape about Nothing was solid though. Touch to cut that one out.