Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Killers' "Day & Age"

OK, aside from the Grade 10 Art Class photoshop cover I don't think this album is that bad. I've maybe only listened to it three times but I was expecting A LOT worse, like 808's and Heartbreak bad, anyways if you're a fan of their first album you will probably enjoy this one. I was kind of disappointed because I think "Sam's Town" was better then "Hot Fuss". It seems they have ditched the Bruce Springsteen influence - no longer are they singing about highways and average Joe six-packs named Johnny but instead you get songs abotu "Neon Tigers" and "Spaceman". I'm probably going to buy this album just because "This Is Your Life" is the theme song for the best 80's movie ever made (If that even makes sense).

Check it out HERE.

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