Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak"

There is a new way to spell "Let Down" and its: K-A-Y-N-E.

What a disappointment, I know he's trying to be the BEST ARTIST EVER and not the bets rapper or producer but really he should stick to what he is good at right? This Auto-Tune shit needs to stop and I really hope that Kanye comes back fiercely after all the backlash he is going to get from this album. I'm not going to front I liked "Love Lockdown" but I can only really enjoy one other song on this album: "Paranoid".

Anyways, Rolling Stone called this album a "Noble Failure" and still gave it 3 and a half stars. Anyways, it seems MANY people really like this album and right now I can say I'm not one of them.

Judge for yourself HERE.

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