Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coldplay's "Prospekts March"

Ahhhhhh, another cash grab just in time for the Holiday Season. I know, I'm a cynical asshole but its true. I do give Coldplay props for actually releasing this material because most bands to record dozens and dozens of songs for an album and only 10-13 usually make the cut, so it good to see that Coldplay is giving their fans more material.

Anyways, I was happy to hear a version of "Life In Technicolor" with lyrics but that Jay-Z "Lost" remix was pretty lame in my opinion. I probably won't buy another copy of this album but if I can find this EP on its own I'd maybe buy it for a decent price. And yes, I am secure with my sexuality to admit I'm a Coldplay fan. Its been like 3-4 years people give that joke a rest. Be original.

Check the EP out HERE.

Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak"

There is a new way to spell "Let Down" and its: K-A-Y-N-E.

What a disappointment, I know he's trying to be the BEST ARTIST EVER and not the bets rapper or producer but really he should stick to what he is good at right? This Auto-Tune shit needs to stop and I really hope that Kanye comes back fiercely after all the backlash he is going to get from this album. I'm not going to front I liked "Love Lockdown" but I can only really enjoy one other song on this album: "Paranoid".

Anyways, Rolling Stone called this album a "Noble Failure" and still gave it 3 and a half stars. Anyways, it seems MANY people really like this album and right now I can say I'm not one of them.

Judge for yourself HERE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pistols N' Lilacs' "Asian People Have The Freedom To Vote For Whomever They Choose"

Oh hey look, its a picture of a bike.

I just hope I don't get sued for this. Anyways, we all know the hype surrounding this album which is best explained by Chuck Klostermaan's review of this album HERE. Anyways, I was never a big fan of this band but I did listen to this album and I have to admit that I would rather listen to this then other shit that is polluting radio airwaves at the moment. "Better" and "If The World" are really the only songs I'd ever replay. And you never know one day I may have to buy this album just as an artifact of the times. Anyways my American readers enjoy your Mountain Dew and all hail Axel Rose as being the most significant ginger in popular music today.

Check out the 15 years and millions dollars of work HERE.

P.S. Right now, I like this more then the new Kanye.

Also, what are some good rap albums this year, I maybe have one but its an EP. My Year End list is going to be pretty weak on the rap front.

The Killers' "Day & Age"

OK, aside from the Grade 10 Art Class photoshop cover I don't think this album is that bad. I've maybe only listened to it three times but I was expecting A LOT worse, like 808's and Heartbreak bad, anyways if you're a fan of their first album you will probably enjoy this one. I was kind of disappointed because I think "Sam's Town" was better then "Hot Fuss". It seems they have ditched the Bruce Springsteen influence - no longer are they singing about highways and average Joe six-packs named Johnny but instead you get songs abotu "Neon Tigers" and "Spaceman". I'm probably going to buy this album just because "This Is Your Life" is the theme song for the best 80's movie ever made (If that even makes sense).

Check it out HERE.

Little Joy's "Little Joy"

The one thing you're bound to hear about this band is that it involves the drummer form the Strokes. This makes 3 solid releases from band members of the aforementioned band since "Room On Fire" because now that I've had years to listen to "First Impressions Of Earth", I can 100% say its a really disappointing album. Anyways, I'm not going to write much about this album and say that it came out about 5 months too late. Its the perfect summer album - "Brand New Start", "With Strangers" and "Keep Me In Mind" are probably my faves thus far. I'm really recommending this album.

Check it HERE.

Twilight Sad's "Killed My Parents And Hit The Road"

I know, I know it has been awhile and really you have no reason to visit this site anymore. The leaks are lacking but keep visiting this sorry excuse of a blog. My year end lists will be posted here and you may get a surprise: It may be pictures of me you'd have to be over to 18 to view ot it may be a contest to see who win's my Limited Edition 1 in 50.000 Pog (I'm totally serial).

I'm sorry for the lack of updates I really don't have any other excuse other then that I am single parent to 2.5 children, I'm also busy trolling Craigslist ads for significant others, these duties along with being a super astronaut sometimes do get in the way of me upping links and writing paragraphs that no one will read.

Anyways, this is Twilight Sad's latest EP/compilation disc that has been sold at shows. I downloaded one of their previous albums some time ago and never really dug it but after listening to this I may have to re-download them again. I originally only downloaded this to hear their cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Modern Romance".

Check it out HERE.