Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kanye West's "Heartless"

Ok, so I was looking forward to hear "808's & Heartbreaks" until I read that this whole album is actually sung instead of being rapped over. I then became weary. I don't mind "Love Lockdown" but it is nothing compared to the first single off of his last album "Can't Tell Me Nothing". I still hate how you can hear Kanye clapping in the studio on the background of "Love Lockdown", it seems it was poorly mastered because its even in the video version of the song as well.

Also, according to this Rolling Stone article Kanye's voice on the entire album is going to be manipulated by T-Pain's sole studio trick: the auto-tone dealy/ vocoder sound effect that everyone seems to be using these days, please just someone break out more Talkbox sound effects. A couple months back I read that Kanye has been using auto-tune since "College Dropout" but then this article states otherwise. Anyways, "Heartless" is apparently going to be the second single and I didn't even find one redeeming quality on it after the first listen. Judge for yourself by downloading the track HERE.

Post Script:
I was going to upload the newest Kanye track to leak, "Coldest Winter", but all I can find is a shitty radio rip. So, what I'm going to do instead is offer up this gem from a DJ who's moniker is Earworm. This is a mashup of Love Lockdown and Radiohead's Reckoner, it works perfectly in my opinion and kudos to both of these artists for make the stems available for remixing. I'll be upping an album later on tonight. Check out Reckoner Lockdown HERE.


Anonymous said...

The beats are hot, but I'm still on the fence when it comes to the lyrics.

I came across this album last night while digging through old CD's. It is a bootleg version of College Dropout, it came out a few months before the original release. I personally like it better the the Retail version...and if you will notice, Kayne had a much better version of "Homecoming" about 3 years ago. I would be interested to know what you think about this album, compared to the Retail version.

Also, if anyone has this in full (for some reason my CD is only 15 tracks [see link below]) version, I would love to have it.

Original Tracklist :

*My CD only goes to track 15...?

Download :

M.Ho said...

Oh Kanye's beats will always be great but that can only carry you so far in my opinion.

I have a couple of Kanye mixtapes but haven't really given them any of a solid listening other then the CRS track that was on one of them. I hate that Homecoming song too. Anyways, thanks for reading.

M.Ho said...

Also, no fucking love for that awesome picture I used for this post.

Are my readers window lickers or something? Don't you get it? The Earth revolves around Kanye? He's an agomaniac? It works on so many levels.

I'm through with you people.