Monday, October 20, 2008

Far's "Water And Solution"

In celebration of this band's reunion I'm upping their best album (And one of my favourites): "Water And Solutions". If you haven't heard of this band you are not alone, no one really has. You may have heard the band's song "Nestle" featured on Lupe Fiasco's "The Instrumental" or seen singer Jonah Montragna on a Fort Minor video. Anyways, I downloaded this album back in the Napster days and had to special order the disc.

At the time I likened the band as a cross between Deftones and Weezer but now I can say that they are in the same vein as Helmet. I was quite happy to read that this band has gotten back together because all of the other side projects that came from this band's demise were pretty sub par. They tried to hide their reunion by playing under a moniker "Hot Little Pony" oddly enough the also covered Genuwine's "Pony" (Yeah, that song) which you can check out HERE.

So, check "Water And Solutions" out. The standouts have to be "Bury White", "Mother Mary", "In 2 Again" and "Wear It So Well" but really just listen to the whole thing. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be permanent enought hat they wil want to do a show in Canada. After that let's all hope for an At The Drive-In reunion.

Check out "Water And Solutions" HERE.

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