Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eagles Of Death Metal's "Heart On"

Heart On, eh? I think this might be a sexual innuendo, I'm not sure.

Anyways, I've listened to this once through and I have enjoyed it these guys really can't do any wrong in my opinion. I'm going to up it for you but expect you to buy it like I am. "High Voltage" and "Cheap Thrills" are the early faves.

Check it out HERE.

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This guy, said...

I'm likin the lyics as usual (I'll tell you anything baby 'cept the truth); the falsettos (Prissy Prancin'); the rip off titles that sound nothing like the original, but still rock (High Voltage); the sikk rhythm playing (Tight Pants); and I think they used the exact drum rhythm/tempo of 'I Only Want You' on Secret Plans.

Dude knows how to make a real record: 12 songs, 40 minutes. Dig.