Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does This Offend You, Yeah?'s "You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into"

From recent memory of shittiest band name's ever I have: "Hoobastank", "Velvet Revolver" and now "Does This Offend You, Yeah?". This band is one of those new dance-rock bands that seem to be popping up everywhere these days; I was ready to dismiss them at first but whenever a song comes up randomly on my Ipod and or Itunes I can't seem to switch em.

Throughout this album it seems that they lead toward the dance side but when they get into the rock side its where I find that they are most successful. Examples would be "Let's Make Out" a track that features Sebastien Grainger on the vocals - it's like a DFA1979 B-Side. Also, you can't ignore the appropriately titled "Epic Last Track" which is probably the best track on the album. Anyways, if you're into this check it out.

You can get it HERE.

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