Monday, October 20, 2008

Cadence Weapon's "Afterparty Babies"

Any rapper who names their first album after a wrestling term (Kayfabe) is A-OK in my books. Other then The Cool Kids and Wale I haven't really gotten into much new rap this year. I don't pay as much attention to this genre as others but this album got my attention.

The opening track "Do I Miss My Friends?" is a really odd way to start an album, its like a doo-wop song mixed in with some spoken word but it works really well. I can only hope the word "Slammer" in the track "Limited Edition OJ Slammer" is a pog term, because aside from being an awesome song the inclusion of a pog term could boost the song into elite status. But enough with the lame attempts at humour the album is solid all of the way through. The more and more I listen to it the more I find things that catch my ear. I'm not a flag carrier for "underground" rap but this album doesn't sound like any other rap album I've listened to.

Check out Afterparty Babies HERE.

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