Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boris' "Pink"

I would guesstimate that about 76% of the time I am not looking forward to seeing the opening band when I go see a concert. I will never forget the horror that was Throw Rag when I saw Queens of the Stone Age a couple years back and Meshuggah was unbearable when I saw Tool. The ALL TIME worse had to be Subtle who opened for TV On The Radio. Anyways, I mention this because I am really hyped to see Boris open for Nine Inch Nails on their current tour.

I know that I am two years late on this album but better late then never, right? I actually remember reading about this album on a couple of the 2006 Best Of Albums list but never really got into it. That has definitely changed, I don't listen to much "Heavy" music these days but Boris' "Pink" found its way into my current rotation. They are a Japenese three-piece metal band and the sound of this album reminds me a little bit of Explosions In The Sky in some parts and Deftones/Team Sleep in others. The album is killer all the way through.

Check it out HERE.

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