Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eagles Of Death Metal's "Heart On"

Heart On, eh? I think this might be a sexual innuendo, I'm not sure.

Anyways, I've listened to this once through and I have enjoyed it these guys really can't do any wrong in my opinion. I'm going to up it for you but expect you to buy it like I am. "High Voltage" and "Cheap Thrills" are the early faves.

Check it out HERE.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Far's "Water And Solution"

In celebration of this band's reunion I'm upping their best album (And one of my favourites): "Water And Solutions". If you haven't heard of this band you are not alone, no one really has. You may have heard the band's song "Nestle" featured on Lupe Fiasco's "The Instrumental" or seen singer Jonah Montragna on a Fort Minor video. Anyways, I downloaded this album back in the Napster days and had to special order the disc.

At the time I likened the band as a cross between Deftones and Weezer but now I can say that they are in the same vein as Helmet. I was quite happy to read that this band has gotten back together because all of the other side projects that came from this band's demise were pretty sub par. They tried to hide their reunion by playing under a moniker "Hot Little Pony" oddly enough the also covered Genuwine's "Pony" (Yeah, that song) which you can check out HERE.

So, check "Water And Solutions" out. The standouts have to be "Bury White", "Mother Mary", "In 2 Again" and "Wear It So Well" but really just listen to the whole thing. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be permanent enought hat they wil want to do a show in Canada. After that let's all hope for an At The Drive-In reunion.

Check out "Water And Solutions" HERE.

Cadence Weapon's "Afterparty Babies"

Any rapper who names their first album after a wrestling term (Kayfabe) is A-OK in my books. Other then The Cool Kids and Wale I haven't really gotten into much new rap this year. I don't pay as much attention to this genre as others but this album got my attention.

The opening track "Do I Miss My Friends?" is a really odd way to start an album, its like a doo-wop song mixed in with some spoken word but it works really well. I can only hope the word "Slammer" in the track "Limited Edition OJ Slammer" is a pog term, because aside from being an awesome song the inclusion of a pog term could boost the song into elite status. But enough with the lame attempts at humour the album is solid all of the way through. The more and more I listen to it the more I find things that catch my ear. I'm not a flag carrier for "underground" rap but this album doesn't sound like any other rap album I've listened to.

Check out Afterparty Babies HERE.

Deerhunter's "Microcastle"

By now most of you indie rocker types have probably heard of this band by now. If not, you probably will soon enough. Their 2007 "Cryptograms" was a highly touted album and considered by many one of the year's best. At the time, I didn't enjoy it that much - like it was OK but I didn't see what the fuss was about. Fast forward to about a year later, their new album "Microcastle" leaks and I, of course, download it. I thought it was a just a "Meh" album. Then things began to change, songs like "Agoraphobia" and "Never Stops" really began to stick and I found myself listening to the album all the way through repeatedly.

In case you don't know Deerhunter aren't anything like you'd picture them in your head after reading their name. They are mellow, distorted and I cringe to use the term, shoe-gaze'ish. You may not like the album at first but it is definitely a grower. The last two tracks: "Neither Of Us, Uncertainly" and "Twilight At Carbon Lake" are killer as well.

Check out Microcastle HERE.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boris' "Pink"

I would guesstimate that about 76% of the time I am not looking forward to seeing the opening band when I go see a concert. I will never forget the horror that was Throw Rag when I saw Queens of the Stone Age a couple years back and Meshuggah was unbearable when I saw Tool. The ALL TIME worse had to be Subtle who opened for TV On The Radio. Anyways, I mention this because I am really hyped to see Boris open for Nine Inch Nails on their current tour.

I know that I am two years late on this album but better late then never, right? I actually remember reading about this album on a couple of the 2006 Best Of Albums list but never really got into it. That has definitely changed, I don't listen to much "Heavy" music these days but Boris' "Pink" found its way into my current rotation. They are a Japenese three-piece metal band and the sound of this album reminds me a little bit of Explosions In The Sky in some parts and Deftones/Team Sleep in others. The album is killer all the way through.

Check it out HERE.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kanye West's "Heartless"

Ok, so I was looking forward to hear "808's & Heartbreaks" until I read that this whole album is actually sung instead of being rapped over. I then became weary. I don't mind "Love Lockdown" but it is nothing compared to the first single off of his last album "Can't Tell Me Nothing". I still hate how you can hear Kanye clapping in the studio on the background of "Love Lockdown", it seems it was poorly mastered because its even in the video version of the song as well.

Also, according to this Rolling Stone article Kanye's voice on the entire album is going to be manipulated by T-Pain's sole studio trick: the auto-tone dealy/ vocoder sound effect that everyone seems to be using these days, please just someone break out more Talkbox sound effects. A couple months back I read that Kanye has been using auto-tune since "College Dropout" but then this article states otherwise. Anyways, "Heartless" is apparently going to be the second single and I didn't even find one redeeming quality on it after the first listen. Judge for yourself by downloading the track HERE.

Post Script:
I was going to upload the newest Kanye track to leak, "Coldest Winter", but all I can find is a shitty radio rip. So, what I'm going to do instead is offer up this gem from a DJ who's moniker is Earworm. This is a mashup of Love Lockdown and Radiohead's Reckoner, it works perfectly in my opinion and kudos to both of these artists for make the stems available for remixing. I'll be upping an album later on tonight. Check out Reckoner Lockdown HERE.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does This Offend You, Yeah?'s "You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into"

From recent memory of shittiest band name's ever I have: "Hoobastank", "Velvet Revolver" and now "Does This Offend You, Yeah?". This band is one of those new dance-rock bands that seem to be popping up everywhere these days; I was ready to dismiss them at first but whenever a song comes up randomly on my Ipod and or Itunes I can't seem to switch em.

Throughout this album it seems that they lead toward the dance side but when they get into the rock side its where I find that they are most successful. Examples would be "Let's Make Out" a track that features Sebastien Grainger on the vocals - it's like a DFA1979 B-Side. Also, you can't ignore the appropriately titled "Epic Last Track" which is probably the best track on the album. Anyways, if you're into this check it out.

You can get it HERE.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sebastien Grainger And The Mountains' Debut

It's October and the year is coming to a close which means that there are only 2 months and a bit before year end, best of lists are to be made. A couple of albums I've been anticipating lately are the new Killers, Kanye and Jay-Z but along with those big acts I could not wait to hear Sebastien Grainger's solo debut. The EP was nice to hear but no anticipates an EP as much as a full length. I know there are more releases to look forward to but I can't think or any others.

With that being said the solo album leaked last night and was a nice surprise to wake up to. I'm about 3/4ths done the album and I'm really liking it on first listen. The most excellent "Ways To Come Home" and "American Names" make an appearence on the album and there are also tracks on here that remind you of DFA 1979, Black Rebel Motorcycle and Hot Hot Heat. Also, people who are huge fans of the aforementioned DFA1979 will know that the Rhythm Method is Grainger's side project dance band and they have a "Feature" on the last track of the album.

I was pondering changing my year end best of list to include EP's because I loved Grainger's so much but if this album holds up I could see it making it onto my list. I don't really like giving any details on the year end list but whatever.

Side Note: Someone was trying to argue with me that Radiohead's "In Rainbows" came out in '08 - I know it was physically released in stores on like January 2nd but it was released on the internet and Disc Box form before then. I'm also a stingy loser when it comes to release years. Anyways, enjoy the album.

Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Failure's "Fantastic Planet"

Figured I better post some albums before I go on hiatus while watching the baseball playoffs, hope you enjoyed the last albums - I figured I would have gotten a couple of messages for my T.I. post but guess not. Anyways.....

One of my favourite albums by a band that not many people have heard of. Their commercial success is best summed up by their band name but their masterpiece: "Fantastic Planet" still lives on. I guess some people would describe them as "Space-Rock"? anyways they influenced Cave In and if you're a fan of them but haven't heard of Failure (I don't know if that is possible) you should check out this album. "The Nurse Who Loved Me", "Another Space Song" and "Stuck On You" has to be one of my favourite three song strings on ANY album.

Check it HERE.