Sunday, September 7, 2008

TV On The Radio's "Dear Science"

TV On The Radio's new album "Dear Science" is probably the album I have been anticipating most over the last couple of months. I'm going to ignore that fucking insisted comma that is suppose to appear in the title after "Dear Science" and tell you that about after 3 listens that I really enjoy this album.

After hearing "Golden Age" and "Dancing Choose" I have to admit I was a little worried that this album was going to be disappointed but, thus far, I am not. TV On The Radio continues their tradition fo good opening songs with poppy almost 60s tinged "Halfway Home". Just a couple days ago I was talking to a friend about this upcoming album and I said "I don't care if the album sucks just that they would have to have a song on the same level as "Young Liars" and/or"Blind"". And while it may be too early to judge "Stork And Owl" have the same kind of haunting and chill sound. This album IS sort of a departure for the band. The album doesn't sound as "full" or atmospheric - more dancish and straightforward. When I read about this changed I didn't think I would care for the change but it works for the band on this album.

Anyways, check this album out and buy it eventually too. I would write more but.....

Check it out HERE.


connor said...

i´m not sure if this is the record i´ve been waiting for.

it´s no crap, but still, there is something missing here.

M.Ho said...

Listen to it more, especially DLZ.

its hard for me to say where thins ranks but its getting better and better with every listen.

stinaaaah said...

Hey man, I love your blog, check it every day. Just wondering, though, if you take requests? I'm after Monsters Build Mean Robots' self-titled album, haven't been able to find it anywhere. Do you reckon you'd be able to source it? Cheers

M.Ho said...

Sorry my friend but unlike my friend over at, I do not pander to my audience and do requests. But the person who runs the aforementioned blog is a gentleman and a scholar and probably will.

Plus the horrid band name, why would I download such an abomination. Just joking.

C. said...


You truly are a man of the people. hahah