Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The National's "Alligator"

Seeing as that "THEY" took down Cold War Kid's latest album from my blog. I'll have to put up some older stuff for you guys/gals to download. Like seriously, my little dinky site that gets maybe 5 hits a day, 2 from myself, is going to effect the sales of Cold War Kids' latest. I might not even buy their new album because of this - just to spite them. Anyways..........

Even though The National's "Alligator" was released a couple of years ago it is getting attention because of one song: Mr. November. Its not necessarily about the USA's upcoming election but the National have used it in campaign videos for Mr. Obama and have also designed a shirt with the song title. I'm not going to get into politics here, but the song is amazing. You also have to check out the tune "Karen" as well. This is probably one of the next albums I'm going to buy (You hear that Cold War Kids - you lost yourself a sale).

Check it out HERE.


Jordan said...

Serves you right you criminal.

But, really? That's dumb. Funny how 'They' had no problem with the TVOTR and KOL new albums being on here.


M.Ho said...

Fuck that shit Jord....Im the Robin Hood of the internet....spreading the wealth.

Cold War Kids are dead to me right now.