Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kings Of Leon's "Only By The Night"

This is a band who I have never checked out despite being told to on numerous occasions. They were decent at Coachella and everythign I hear by them is decent, I just havent bothered. Anyways, their new album leaked today and I'm two songs in and I really enjoy it. What is the album I just HAVE to check out by these guys? Tell me what to do.

Check it out HERE.


R.K. said...

Kings Of Leon is one of my favorite bands. I like their 2007 album, Because of the Times, particularly the tracks On Call and Knocked Up. I haven't listened to their new album yet, but I look forward to it. Thanks.

M.Ho said...


I think I actually have that album on my Ipod, just havent listened to it yet.

I guess I'm just weary of brother bands.

R.K. said...

I hear ya, but I don't care if they are sisters, brothers, cousins or aliens from outer space--if they play good music I'm going to listen to it and KOL does it for me. I also like Arizona from their 2007 album. So far, I'm diggin' Only By The Night!

Jordan said...

Can't wait to hear this.
KOL albums always seem to be sonically radical.

I was slightly disappointed by Because of the Times.. I say go with Aha, Shake, Heartbreak. Definitely my favourite of their records. Check Four Kicks or maybe Taper Jean Girl.

Thanks man.

M.Ho said...

This track Closer is ridiculously good.