Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blur's "13"

A very underrated album. I'm sure most of the general public (in North America anyways) jumped off of the Blur bandwagon, after their self-titled release, when they should have stayed on board because "13" is an amazing and consistent piece of work. If I wasn't re-introduced to this band I probably never would have listened to this album that is why I'm passing this gem along.

This past decade Damon Albarn has been getting more attention from his other bands: Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad And The Queen and no one has really been playing Blur any mind since "Song 2". Well download this album and "Tender" is probably one of the best songs over 7 minutes long. "Coffee + TV" has quite the legendary video, so check it out if you haven't already its a sweel song to boot. But I think the best song has to be the last one "No Distance Left To Run", really download this album and get back into Blur.

Check it out HERE.

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