Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ugly Casanova's "Sharpen Your Teeth"

Think about this: When was the last time seeing a music video got you into a new band? It's been quite some time now has it? Music videos have gone quite obsolete these days and band's usually rely on getting their song onto Gossip Girl or if they are lucky enough an Ipod commercial.

Now if you were to ask me what new band I got into from seeing a video I would answer with Ugly Casanova. Their terribly shitty video for "Things I Don't Remember" which I saw on a Sub Pop DVD a couple weeks ago, and can be seen below, grabbed my attention. For those of you who are Modest Mouse fans but not too hardcore of fans to know Isaac Brock also fronted this band should check "Sharpen Your Teeth" out.

Legend has it the band's moniker comes from the pen name of a crazed fan named Edgar Graham who snuck into a Modest Mouse show. Isaac Brock found one of his journals, I guess left at the scene, and used the journal for potential song lyrics. The band also consists of members from Califone, Black Heart Procession and Holopow.

Anyways, the video is so shitty that I liked it and downloaded the album. And even though the video is feces, the song is great and the album is solid. For those of you who have already seen the video, yes I meant to do that.

Check the video here:

And you can check the album out HERE.

T.I.'s "Paper Trail"

Real talk, I only downloaded this album because it was on the Top 10 on when they had free leech.

I don't know shit all about T.I. other then the fact he went to jail. I know he wanted to be a pitcher for the New York Yankees and apparently had a really good fastball but then he got caught up in his uncle, Frank Lucas', business which was smuggling and dealing Chinese heroine on the streets of New York in the 1970's. During the 1970's till present he has released 7 album which is quite the shitty wait between albums if you ask me. Anyways, he's currently being rumoured to star in a movie called "Black Sabbath" with Meryl Streep, who is being talked about for the female lead.

I really like the M.I.A. "Paper Planes" sampling tune "Swagger Like Us".

Check the album out HERE.

Oasis' "Dig Out Your Soul"

I'm not a huge Oasis fan, even when they broke out in North America, I didn't care for "Wonderwall" at all but as years went by I found myself enjoying their tunes more and more. This is a band I wouldn't mind seeing live but unfortunately that is not going to happen for a bit because of that crazy Canadian fan (Some would say martyr) who shoved Noel from behind and broke his ribs.

Funny story, I told one of my friends (Who is Blur's biggest fan) that I would shiv one of the Gallagher brothers if I went to VFest in Toronto (I really wasnt going to shiv anyone, I just like saying the word) as it turns out some crazy fuck, to a degree, carried out what I was joking about.

Anyways, the album is pretty decent but the only reason I'm excited for a new Oasis album is because they have to do press which equates to HILARIOUS Oasis quotes, like these:

"Barrie is the biggest hole in the Western Hemisphere"
- Noel during Oasis gig in Barrie, Ontario, 'opening' for Neil Young

"Those plate glass windows are just saying, 'throw a chair through me' ."
- Noel on chairs and windows

"Call us arrogant if you want, I don't care. Just as long as we don't get called Aerosmith." - Noel

Check it out HERE

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blur's "13"

A very underrated album. I'm sure most of the general public (in North America anyways) jumped off of the Blur bandwagon, after their self-titled release, when they should have stayed on board because "13" is an amazing and consistent piece of work. If I wasn't re-introduced to this band I probably never would have listened to this album that is why I'm passing this gem along.

This past decade Damon Albarn has been getting more attention from his other bands: Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad And The Queen and no one has really been playing Blur any mind since "Song 2". Well download this album and "Tender" is probably one of the best songs over 7 minutes long. "Coffee + TV" has quite the legendary video, so check it out if you haven't already its a sweel song to boot. But I think the best song has to be the last one "No Distance Left To Run", really download this album and get back into Blur.

Check it out HERE.

The National's "Alligator"

Seeing as that "THEY" took down Cold War Kid's latest album from my blog. I'll have to put up some older stuff for you guys/gals to download. Like seriously, my little dinky site that gets maybe 5 hits a day, 2 from myself, is going to effect the sales of Cold War Kids' latest. I might not even buy their new album because of this - just to spite them. Anyways..........

Even though The National's "Alligator" was released a couple of years ago it is getting attention because of one song: Mr. November. Its not necessarily about the USA's upcoming election but the National have used it in campaign videos for Mr. Obama and have also designed a shirt with the song title. I'm not going to get into politics here, but the song is amazing. You also have to check out the tune "Karen" as well. This is probably one of the next albums I'm going to buy (You hear that Cold War Kids - you lost yourself a sale).

Check it out HERE.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

TV On The Radio's "Dear Science"

TV On The Radio's new album "Dear Science" is probably the album I have been anticipating most over the last couple of months. I'm going to ignore that fucking insisted comma that is suppose to appear in the title after "Dear Science" and tell you that about after 3 listens that I really enjoy this album.

After hearing "Golden Age" and "Dancing Choose" I have to admit I was a little worried that this album was going to be disappointed but, thus far, I am not. TV On The Radio continues their tradition fo good opening songs with poppy almost 60s tinged "Halfway Home". Just a couple days ago I was talking to a friend about this upcoming album and I said "I don't care if the album sucks just that they would have to have a song on the same level as "Young Liars" and/or"Blind"". And while it may be too early to judge "Stork And Owl" have the same kind of haunting and chill sound. This album IS sort of a departure for the band. The album doesn't sound as "full" or atmospheric - more dancish and straightforward. When I read about this changed I didn't think I would care for the change but it works for the band on this album.

Anyways, check this album out and buy it eventually too. I would write more but.....

Check it out HERE.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kings Of Leon's "Only By The Night"

This is a band who I have never checked out despite being told to on numerous occasions. They were decent at Coachella and everythign I hear by them is decent, I just havent bothered. Anyways, their new album leaked today and I'm two songs in and I really enjoy it. What is the album I just HAVE to check out by these guys? Tell me what to do.

Check it out HERE.