Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Stills' "Oceans Will Rise"

If I would have wrote a list for my 10 favourite albums from 2004, The Stills debut "Logic Will Break Your Heart" definitely would have been in the top 3. Two albums later I can't really say I have the same passion for the band. 2006's "Without Feathers", aside from like two tracks, was a disappointment and I have rarely listened to it when I couldn't skip a song on their debut so, my interest in this band has sort of waned.

I downloaded this album as soon as it leaked and haven't given it a really really solid attentive listens but I already enjoy it more then their last. It seems like a more cohesive album then the last and with tracks like "Hans on Fire" and "I'm With You" make the album instantly better then their last. "Snakecharming The Masses" seems like a tame Radiohead rip off. Anyways, they are on Arts and Crafts now, so expect a huge drop off in fans who wear American Apparel and a huge surge in fans who wear horn-rimmed glasses and messenger bags.

Check it out HERE.

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