Monday, August 25, 2008

Ra Ra Riot's "The Rhumb Line"

I have been reading a lot about Ra Ra Riot lately and how their music is compared to Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend and after listening to this album I can definitely say that is true.

At first, you would think that could be a terrible mix but, it seems to work for this band. They got the harmonics and string section styles of Arcade Fire (Not as good, though) and the Vampire Weekend chill, and mellow vocals. This album came out after one of the original members, main songwriters and drummer, John Ryan Pike, died. I mention this only because some of the songs deal with death and you would figure that they were written after Pike's death but that wasn't the case. So when you listen to tracks like "St Peter's Festival Day" and "Dying Is Fine" (Which are both excellent tracks) you can rest easy knowing they aren't elegies.

These guys are on Barsuk Records, so people who hate Death Cab For Cutie, don't hold that against them.

Check it HERE.

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