Monday, August 25, 2008

Of Montreal's "Skeletal Lamping"

See, the thing about posting fresh album leaks (If you want to be an ass, I know it was leaked like 5 days ago) is that I won't be able to give the album a solid or in depth review. I'm not a big Of Montreal fan but I did enjoy their last album so when this leaked I wasn't too hyped. I guess "Skeletal Lamping" is what you could expect from the band. Poppyish, kooky rock that is synonymous with Kevin Barnes, apparently this is some sort of concept album as well that expands on a character created from the song "The Past Is A Grotesque Animal" that came from the band's last album.

I'll keep my "review" short, after like 1 and a half listens I can say that this album is "OK". This could change in time though.

What do you think? Check it HERE.

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