Monday, August 25, 2008

Crystal Castles' "Crystal Castles"

This is one album that has grown on me a lot this year. This isn't my type of style AT ALL. I don't have tight acid washed jeans, I don't go to raves and I don't own a vintage leather jacket (Not yet, anyways) but Crystals Castles has managed to win me over.

The only thing I may have in common with these guys is their love for the 8-Bit aesthetic. While they use it to create music, I try to master it by playing Double Dragon and Pro Wrestling for the NES. And while this may sound a bit gimmicky I think that it works for them. The album has been progressively getting better and better to me. It use to be I would only listed to "Crimewave" and "Magic Spells" but it has grown to listening to the album all the way through. "XXZXCUZX Me" is sorth of a tossaway but the rest is awesome. "Vanished" and "Knights" are probably my current fave tracks. Right now, it is on the fringe for getting into my year end "Best-Of" list.

Check it out HERE.

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