Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bloc Party's "Intimacy"

OK, so I'm sure that the 3 other people that use to visit this site other then my friends have abandoned coming. I haven't been posting anything for awhile in part because I got lazy and in part because I was indulging in many concerts. Just in case you want to know Lolla was great (I didn't catch Bloc Party though), I then got back home from Chicago and was asked if I wanted to hit Radiohead in Montreal (I already had tickets for their Toronto show and no money but a friend of mine was quite kind and offered me a ticket for free - so I really HAD to go) and then I got to hit the aforementioned Toronto gig. Anyways, Radiohead was awesome live at both venues but the TO show was better for me. Just because Jean Drapeau Parc was the most terrible venue I've been to and I ruined my Roswell Rayguns because of all of the mud.

Well, you probably don't really care about that right now and want to listen to this album. I'm on my second listen of it right now and my first reaction is "Better than I thought". I wasn't really hyped for this album and while "Flux" was decent "Mercury" sucked. This could be a grower even though "A Weekend In The City" is no "Silent Alarm" I still enjoy listening to it time to time.

And lastly, I hate it when bands release albums in a "Surprise fashion" and get lumped into bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Raconteurs. The first two examples are appropriate because they did somewhat popularize a new way of releasing albums through the internet but, The Raconteurs (Even though I love Jack White) didn't really do shit, they just announced they had an album coming out in a week and shipped it to stores for you to purchase - no real innovation in that. Well, that is my opinion. Enjoy the album and expect more posts.

Check it out HERE.


brian said...

I'm still following your blog :) Just out of curiosity - could you post something dancy along the lines of Simian Mobile Disco or Yelle? I hope you continue blogging - I like your taste in music.

Kate said...

Hi, I read your blog and you don't know me. Yours is one of the few that still posts full albums, and albums that I tend to want or enjoy. Keep up the good work and don't stop!

C. said...

shit, HE'S BACK!

Matty, I wore my Radiohead shirt at some weird trendy bar last night and was attacked by a cute close-talker.

And thanks for the DL. I was completely unaware that Bloc Party put out an album.

For Brian: I have Yelle posted on my site

It's a little ways down the page, but the link still works.

M.Ho said...

Brian and Kate thanks for reading. Whenever I get into a dancey album I'll post one.

Chris, your message/comment should have been a Facebook post. Also, I was quite mad when I went to Montreal and they didnt have the Videotape Radiohead shirt I wanted so I ended up buying the same one you did. Then in Toronto, they had it, so I was kind of peeved. Its a beautiful shirt though, I don't want to wash it cause I feel it might lose it's comfortableness.