Saturday, August 30, 2008

At The Drive-In's "Relationship Of Command"

Good old At The Drive-In, this is still album album I can listen to after all of these years (8 Years already) and even though it doesn't have my favourite ATDI song (Lopsided) it is probably my favourite (Vaya is an EP).

I assume most of you guys/gals know this album/band if not you may know the bands that came from its ashes: The Mars Volta and Sparta. When they broke up you thought you would have gotten two amazing bands for your listening pleasure and for a while you thought right. I loved Sparta's "Wiretap Scars" and "Mars Volta's "Deloused In The Comatorium" could not be touched but both bands started slipping. I don't care what anyone says "Amputechture" sucks (I don't do LSD, so I guess that MAY be a problem) and Sparta dropped off pretty hard I'm still hoping for a Coachella reunion show/tour.

Anyways, if you haven't downloaded this album make sure to do so. The whole album is amazing "Enfilade" and "Quarantined" are probably my favourites on this album. I still don't know what the fuck Cedric is singing about half of the time but it doesn't matter. Expect to see this on my "Best Of the 00's" list.

Check it HERE.

Cookin Soul's "OJAYZIS (Oasis vs. Jay-Z)

"That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar, someone should have told him I'm a fucking rock star" is the first real line in this mixtape and is also heard on "Jockin' Jay-Z" from the upcoming "Blueprint 3". An entertaining mixtape that gets annoying because of the constant "Coocccccooooooookinnn Soul" but hey the guys need to advertise themselves somehow. They did a really great job at combining the songs and if you're a fan of either artists you will probably enjoy it. I'll take that back, if you are a die-hard Oasis fan you'll probably dismiss it immediately cause you guys hate everything not Oasis. Blur did it better.

Check it out HERE.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crystal Castles' "Crystal Castles"

This is one album that has grown on me a lot this year. This isn't my type of style AT ALL. I don't have tight acid washed jeans, I don't go to raves and I don't own a vintage leather jacket (Not yet, anyways) but Crystals Castles has managed to win me over.

The only thing I may have in common with these guys is their love for the 8-Bit aesthetic. While they use it to create music, I try to master it by playing Double Dragon and Pro Wrestling for the NES. And while this may sound a bit gimmicky I think that it works for them. The album has been progressively getting better and better to me. It use to be I would only listed to "Crimewave" and "Magic Spells" but it has grown to listening to the album all the way through. "XXZXCUZX Me" is sorth of a tossaway but the rest is awesome. "Vanished" and "Knights" are probably my current fave tracks. Right now, it is on the fringe for getting into my year end "Best-Of" list.

Check it out HERE.

Ra Ra Riot's "The Rhumb Line"

I have been reading a lot about Ra Ra Riot lately and how their music is compared to Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend and after listening to this album I can definitely say that is true.

At first, you would think that could be a terrible mix but, it seems to work for this band. They got the harmonics and string section styles of Arcade Fire (Not as good, though) and the Vampire Weekend chill, and mellow vocals. This album came out after one of the original members, main songwriters and drummer, John Ryan Pike, died. I mention this only because some of the songs deal with death and you would figure that they were written after Pike's death but that wasn't the case. So when you listen to tracks like "St Peter's Festival Day" and "Dying Is Fine" (Which are both excellent tracks) you can rest easy knowing they aren't elegies.

These guys are on Barsuk Records, so people who hate Death Cab For Cutie, don't hold that against them.

Check it HERE.

Of Montreal's "Skeletal Lamping"

See, the thing about posting fresh album leaks (If you want to be an ass, I know it was leaked like 5 days ago) is that I won't be able to give the album a solid or in depth review. I'm not a big Of Montreal fan but I did enjoy their last album so when this leaked I wasn't too hyped. I guess "Skeletal Lamping" is what you could expect from the band. Poppyish, kooky rock that is synonymous with Kevin Barnes, apparently this is some sort of concept album as well that expands on a character created from the song "The Past Is A Grotesque Animal" that came from the band's last album.

I'll keep my "review" short, after like 1 and a half listens I can say that this album is "OK". This could change in time though.

What do you think? Check it HERE.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Stills' "Oceans Will Rise"

If I would have wrote a list for my 10 favourite albums from 2004, The Stills debut "Logic Will Break Your Heart" definitely would have been in the top 3. Two albums later I can't really say I have the same passion for the band. 2006's "Without Feathers", aside from like two tracks, was a disappointment and I have rarely listened to it when I couldn't skip a song on their debut so, my interest in this band has sort of waned.

I downloaded this album as soon as it leaked and haven't given it a really really solid attentive listens but I already enjoy it more then their last. It seems like a more cohesive album then the last and with tracks like "Hans on Fire" and "I'm With You" make the album instantly better then their last. "Snakecharming The Masses" seems like a tame Radiohead rip off. Anyways, they are on Arts and Crafts now, so expect a huge drop off in fans who wear American Apparel and a huge surge in fans who wear horn-rimmed glasses and messenger bags.

Check it out HERE.

Bloc Party's "Intimacy"

OK, so I'm sure that the 3 other people that use to visit this site other then my friends have abandoned coming. I haven't been posting anything for awhile in part because I got lazy and in part because I was indulging in many concerts. Just in case you want to know Lolla was great (I didn't catch Bloc Party though), I then got back home from Chicago and was asked if I wanted to hit Radiohead in Montreal (I already had tickets for their Toronto show and no money but a friend of mine was quite kind and offered me a ticket for free - so I really HAD to go) and then I got to hit the aforementioned Toronto gig. Anyways, Radiohead was awesome live at both venues but the TO show was better for me. Just because Jean Drapeau Parc was the most terrible venue I've been to and I ruined my Roswell Rayguns because of all of the mud.

Well, you probably don't really care about that right now and want to listen to this album. I'm on my second listen of it right now and my first reaction is "Better than I thought". I wasn't really hyped for this album and while "Flux" was decent "Mercury" sucked. This could be a grower even though "A Weekend In The City" is no "Silent Alarm" I still enjoy listening to it time to time.

And lastly, I hate it when bands release albums in a "Surprise fashion" and get lumped into bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Raconteurs. The first two examples are appropriate because they did somewhat popularize a new way of releasing albums through the internet but, The Raconteurs (Even though I love Jack White) didn't really do shit, they just announced they had an album coming out in a week and shipped it to stores for you to purchase - no real innovation in that. Well, that is my opinion. Enjoy the album and expect more posts.

Check it out HERE.