Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sloan's "One Chord To Another"

This post is mainly for our non-Canadian readers out there (Yeah, the whole three of you), you may not have heard of Sloan or this album but you definitely should.

This came out in like Grade 7 for me and its the album that got me into Sloan. They are a poppy rock band and are often compared to the Beatles. Their newer albums aren't as good as their older ones but it is undeniable that their older albums are classics. Songs like "Everything You've Done Wrong", "The Lines You Amend" and even the overexposed "The Good In Everyone" are still just as amazing today as they were as singles 10+ years ago (Fuck, I don't believe its been that long ago).

This is the perfect summer album; it's short and sweet so you can't really skip any of the tracks and you have to listen to it straight through. "Autobiography" is also a standout track. If you don't like this album you are dead to me.

Check it out HERE.

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