Monday, July 14, 2008

Sebastien Grainger's "American Names" EP

Most of you have probably heard Death From Above 1979 before, right? Cool, dirty drum and bass rock duo? Well, like many good bands they broke up just as they were getting big and the members splintered off and started their own things.

The bassist, Jesse Keeler, decided to concentrate more on his Electonica/Disco/Dance act: MSTRKRFT. Who I think, aside from a handful of remixes, are pretty fucking unbearable. While singer/drummer, Sebastien Grainger, started playing rock songs with a backing band called "The Mountains". This EP was just released this past week and let me tell you its quite the excellent collection of songs. The first three tracks are fucking awesome and the last track is sort of a throw away. You may not dig em at first buttheyw ill grow on you more and more. Don't expect DFA1979, because you ain't going to get it. Way better then MSTRKRFT's shit. I just don't dig nu-dance that much.

Do you think EPs should be included in "Year End Best Albums" lists?

Check it out HERE.

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