Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Day As A Lion's Self Titled EP

I never really cared for Guns and Roses, but this is my "Chinese Democracy".

Fans of Rage Against The Machine have been waiting for 7 years to hear something from Zach De La Rocha and that day came yesterday. Sure he released single songs here and there but this EP, with a little help from John Theodore - the former drummer from The Mars Volta, is what Zach is FINALLY willing to released. With that being said I can't really give you a solid opinion on this yet because I haven't given it a solid listen. It sounds like Rage with different instrumentals and more of a rap style from Zack.

You've had to wait a long ass time so you can check it out HERE.

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Jordan said...

Well you're useless, (except for the part where you made the EP available for DL):
Next time you write a review on an album you should give it a friggin listen goddamnit.

JK man, keeps it up. It's all good.
One of these days you'll manage to make this blog not only about music like you had intended at the beginning.

You should start blogging about scrabble, that'd be dope.

Thanks again MHo.