Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hum's "You'd Prefer An Astronaut"

Another mid-90s album for you to check out. Hum is one of those alternative bands that had one "hit" and then broke up and disappeared. This is my favourite Hum album and the only one I could actually find to purchase.

If you've ever seen THIS Commercial (No Rickroll, relax), and wondered where the fuck that awesome riff came from you can download this album and turn it to the third track "Stars". At first I was blown away, I didn't believe I was actually hearing Hum in a Caddie commercial. I was a little putoff at first but then I realized they probably didn't sell many albums and for them to get that paper from a Cadillac all the power to em. "Stars" is a pretty kick ass song and for a marketing exec to place that song in a car commercial a hats off has to be in order.

"You'd Prefer An Astronaut" is a short album (9 tracks) but it is still pretty dense. "Suicide Machine", "Why I Like Robins" and "I Like You Hair Long" are a couple of the standouts on this one. The only thing that really bothers me about this album is that, like Tool's "Undertow" it seems that the music is tuned down and the overall audio is not loud enough. Regardless it's a solid album from a mid 90s band you've most likely never heard of.

Check it out HERE.

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