Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cave In's "Limited Edition" EP

So this EP was distributed for free at Cave In gigs and I believe it is a rare thing to have. Unfortunately I don't have one but I have had a digital copy since it came out. The main reason I upped this is because the cover of "Dazed In Confused" is amazing on this. I think this cover may be live but I'm not 100% sure, there are like voices after the song finishes so it may be live.

Anyways, the other track on this album which I love as well has to be the song where Cave In got their name from: Codeine's "Cave In". This is a mellow tune that appeared on Codeine's "Frigid Stars" EP and I guess was so influential to the band they had to use it for a name. I'm not sure why they thought the original was so special, the "Frigid Stars" EP is good but not great in my opinion. So download this EP, there is also an awesome live version of Inspire, Down The Drain is a solid song and the two other songs don't really do it for me but you may dig it.

Check out this EP HERE.


co said...

thanks man

M.Ho said...

Wow, isn't it nice to get a thanks.

I'd like to thank you for your "Thanks". You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Anonymous said...

yeah i left a comment on your jupiter post too.
this cave in ep really is nice.
enjoy your blog .
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