Friday, June 6, 2008

Wolf Parade's "At Mount Zoomer"

Yeah, yeah, yeah this leaked like a month ago, thing is this is actually a good rip of the album. I can't really say much about this album right yet as I haven't given it that many listens. Initially it isn't as good as "Apologies..." but that could change over time. The only songs that are really memorable to me at the moment are the last two tracks: "An Animal In Your Care" and "Kissing The Beehive".

I think the album art could be one of those so terrible its great sort of things.

Here's the tracklist:

1. "Soldier's Grin" (Boeckner) - 4:38
2. "Call It a Ritual" (Krug) - 2:47
3. "Language City" (Boeckner) - 5:03
4. "Bang Your Drum" (Krug) - 3:12
5. "California Dreamer" (Krug) - 6:02
6. "The Grey Estates" (Boeckner) - 3:28
7. "Fine Young Cannibals" (Boeckner) - 6:33
8. "An Animal in Your Care" (Krug) - 4:21
9. "Kissing the Beehive" (Boeckner/Krug) - 10:46


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