Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunny Day Real Estate's "How It Feels To Be Something On"

I figure that 4 out of the 5 people that actually visit my site and download the music are mainly here for indie-rock (A obsolete genre, in my opinion) releases and dismiss what is known as "emo" (Even more of a useless "genre" then indie"). Sunny Day Real Estate is linked with this term even though this album is anything but.

People who have heard of Sunny Day Real Estate either know them as being one of the forefathers of emo; that two of their original members went on to join th Foo Fighters or for the longest time their album "Diary" was second in albums sold next to a album called "Bleach". "Diary" is an amazing album, Atmosphere has name dropped it as an influence of his, the album art is some of my favourite and Spin once listed it as one of the "20 Best Albums Not Released By Dylan, Zeppelin or the Beatles" and while "Diary" gets a lot of attention "How It Feels To Be Something On" gets left in the dust. I remember that I had to actually special order this album when it first came out, the idea of special ordering an album really blows me away right now, and when I got the album I was pissed because I didn't like it at all. Its quite shocking that I actually went through the effort in 1998/Grade 10 to get this album considering a lot of the other shit I was listening too (I'll spare you the deets), I was let down by this album and rarely listened to it.

As time went on this album kept on getting better and better, which I think is a reflection of my music taste. I don't know if I like it as much as "Diary" but its a very close call. "Pillars" is a hauntingly epic opener and "100 Million" is one of my favourite SDRE tracks. For all of you on the fence about downloading this I can tell you it ain't really "emo" and you indie hipsters would be more keen on this. You may not dig it at first but this is the definition of a grower. One of the bands that I'm really mad I never got to see live. You can download this most excellent album here:

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Thanks for the album. Never knew about that band and this album is wicked.

keep up the good work!