Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Queens Of The Stone Age's "Rated R"

OK real talk, unless you have been living in an Austrian dungeon for the past 20 so odd years you really don't have an excuse not to have heard this album.

Queens Of The Stone Age consistently put out solid rock albums which is a really hard thing to do these days. Honestly, how many modern rock bands have done this in recent memory? Anyways, "Rated R" is their breakout album and in my opinion their best. While it may be "Songs For The Deaf" that get the most attention, I think "Rated R" flows perfectly together and is their most cohesive record. "Fee; Good Hit Of The Summer" is so simple but so catchy, "Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" and "Auto Pilot" are great and the Mark Lanegan track "In The Fade" is one of my favourite songs that I can't quit listening to.

If I had to rank QOTSA's albums in order it would have to be Rated R = Songs For The Deaf > Self-Titled > Lullabies To Paralyze > Era Vulgaris. The don't have a bad album and if you have never heard of them before I suggest "Rated R" is where you should start.

Check it out:


Jordan said...

Real talk,, hilarious.

This is my order:

Lullabies > Rated R > Self > Songs for the Deaf > Era Vulgaris, but that order can easily be reversed.
I don't think that any of them should really be last.

My reason for picking Lullabies over the rest is that it flows like R, and the guitar and vocal tones and are redikolous.

M.Ho said...

The main reason Lullabies is number 1 is because of your fandom of Barresi right?

If I'm going by that logic I assume you're a huge Powerman 5000 fan, right?

It is impossible to order the albums it really can change at any time.

Jordan said...

Yes, that is true.

And Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water is my favourite Limp Bizkit album.