Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pixies' "Doolittle"

"Doolittle" is definitely my favourite Pixies album. Now, I know most people who got into this band recently (Within the last 5-6 years) probably downloaded "Surfer Rosa" because it is the album that has "Where Is My Mind?" but doesn't even touch "Doolittle", this is practically their greatest hits album. I'm always surprised when I hear songs from this album on television and movies: "Debaser" on The OC (Shut up); "Here Comes Your Man on Duece Bigalo (I actually saw this in Amsterdam) and I think "Gouge Away" on LOST's Season 4 finale (I may have to double check this). For a seemingly un-commercial band they seem to get around.

This is a band who I haven't got to see live. I already bought tickets to a Tragically Hip when they were coming to town. And this was also the band that got me into feverishly checking out the Coachella website every April since they played the festival. Anyways, I assume most of the people who are reading this have heard or read about this album but haven't downloaded or bought it - well here is your chance.

I tracks I mentioned above are solid but "I Bleed". "Hey" and "Wave Of Mutilation" are easily the best tracks on this album. And then you have tracks like "Monkey Gone To Heaven" which has been covered by Far and "Mr. Greives" which has been covered by the amazing TV On The Radio. Real talk, don't listen to what anyone but me says, "Doolittle" is the Pixies' best album.

Check it out HERE

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