Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nada Surf's "Let Go"

Yes, THAT Nada Surf. The band who wrote that novelty hit"Popular", maybe some of you out there have actually listened to some of their other material, but I think the majority have not.

"Let Go", in my opinion, is their best album and if it were not for the one hit wonder label I'm sure more people would have heard this album. I would not have even given this a listen if it weren't for MuchMusic's "Wedge" playing the "Inside Of Love" video. I tuned in mid-video and was really liking the song and shocked at the end when I found out it was Nada Surf, I thought they had died or something and immediately downloaded the album and their predecessors.

As catchy as "Inside Of Love" is, I find that the best tracks on the album have to be "Killian's Red" and "Blond On Blond". "Fruit Fly" and "Neither Heaven Or Space" are also solid tracks as well. This is a really good album and cohesive. Nada Surf still puts out albums and they released "Lucky" this year, I haven't given it much attention because to me, it's going to be really hard for them to top "Let Go". I still find it a bit irritating that I can't find a copy of "High/Low" at any used CD shops, you figure that would be a staple - I traded mine in way back when and have regretted it for awhile now. They may be one hit wonders but hey at least they aren't lame-stream, right?

Check it out HERE

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

I love the "newer" Nada Surf. The latest, Lucky, is great. So is The Weight is a Gift, and The Proximity Effect. You should post all of them so that more people can know about this great band. They are so much better than "Popular" ever was.