Sunday, June 15, 2008

Matthew Good's "Avalanche"

Matthew Good is an artist that is either loved or hated by Canadians. The thing is, is that most of the people who hate him only know his MuchMusic hits and haven't actually listened to his albums. After he dropped the "Band" and started putting out albums under just "Matthew Good" his song writing and creativity has rocketed while his popularity has plummeted. He was also poised for a push in the USA but his terrible media skills and bluntness prevented that and he has been releasing albums with little to no promotion ever since.

I constantly have to stick up for Matthew Good and when people hear one of his newer songs on the radio and wonder which post-"Beautiful Midnight" album to listen to, "Avalanche" is what I answer with. This is the album where he drastically changes his style and expands on his sounds - in my opinion his real breakout album. Americans will not know that "Weapon" and "In A World Called Catastrophe" were abused on Canadian radio and are pretty dark singles. I don't really like those two songs that much but they are really the only two commercials songs on this album. "21st Century Living" is a punkish song with a message, like if Hamlet fronted a rock band - this would be their hit single. The songs that holds this album together have to be" "While We Were Hunting Rabbits" which is 8 minutes of anguish/beauty; "Bright End Of Nowhere" which is just a depressing look back on his days and "Near Fantasica" is just fantastic. It's totally fucked that these songs don't close the albums.

So this mostly goes out to those who don't live in Canada. Check this album out and give it time, its dense and long but you will eventually love it. And if you have ever heard that he is an asshole its true. Just last night, when I saw Matthew Good in concert the crowd kept heckling him to play one of his hit singles, his response?

"There is just as much a chance I'll play that song as you would come up here and blow me".

Check out "Avalanche" HERE.

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