Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girl Talk's "Feed The Animals"

The last couple days I haven't really listened or downloaded anything other then Lil' Wayne (Well some new GNR yesterday) but there wasn't a way I could resist this. Released in the Radiohead/Trent Reznor model Girl Talk put "Feed The Animals" on "sale" today with the suggestion that you can pay whatever you want. And while I do think its kind of weak that you are asked to pay for an album made from samples, I definitely appreciate more artist who are adopting this way of releasing their new material. I didn't download this from their site though because I didn't want to get guilted with why I didn't want to pay for this album.

Now, I've heard about Girl Talk for some time not but never really decided to give em a shot. Bands like this, CSS and Hot Chip really don't interest me that much but I decided to give this album a listen. I never knew that Girl Talk was a mash-up artist and when I listened to this album I really enjoyed it - it's just plain fun. Being a person who loves mashups and covers, I really found it awesome to hear "Paranoid Android" mixed with "ROC Boys"; Weezy's "Lollipop" with "Under The Bridge"; and Metallica vs Lil' Momma (I don't even know how I knew it was Lil' Momma).

This is a fun record and its rewarding as a listener when you pick up all the samples featured and this album has samples in fucking spades. From Paula Cole (Yeah, you know what song is sampled) to the chick that sings that MacAir "New Soul" song to Tag Team this album has em all. Apparently there is two Radiohead samples but I can only find one. Anyways, I can't really recommend tracks because its like a DJ's set with no real cohesive order its just many streams of music mashed together and that is fine by me.

Check It out HERE

There are so many more samples I want to namedrop but I think that would ruin most of the fun.


Jordan said...

Don't pay for an album made of samples? Have you ever had to clear a sample before?
Them shits can cost more than recording the album yourself.. unless that album happens to be 'Chinese Democracy'. Ohh!

I can't wait to hear this though. Last one was hype.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I just can't figure out the required password needed for decryption. It's not m.ho, not whatelsecaniwrite, not the album name, not the artist name... so, what is it? s.o.s.

M.Ho said...

I don't have a clue what you are talking about.

I don't put passwords on any of my .Rar files if that is what you're getting at.

Anonymous said...

ah! c'est la vie- thanks for the reply. I don't know why but my mac is asking for a password to open the .rar file. ? oh well, thanks anyway and keep up the good work.