Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gavin Rossdale's "Wanderlust"

Q: If Gavin Rossdale had access to a time machine, what would he do with it?

A: Go back to 1996 to relive his band's pinnacle.

Real talk, I definitely was a fan of Bush back in the day and think it would have been really cool to see these guys live. Unfortunately, for Mr. Rossdale's fans they eventually grew up and realized that he is quite possibly the most terrible lyricist EVER and can thank God that he is with Gewn Stefani. Anyways you're probably wondering why I am posting this album. Well, a friend suggested I post an album that is absolutely terrible that I can rip into and I can see where he is coming from with this idea. It is MUCH MUCH MUCH more fun to make fun of music then to sing its praises and I'm pretty sure its more fun for people to read it.

Anyways, this album is terrible, "Wanderlust" makes me think he named this album after a German strip club and "Can't Stop the World" sounds like it was written by a pre-schooler and isn't even rocking musically. "Forever You May Run" is one of those sappy power ballads that sounds like the two preceding sounds. I really wish I could write more about this album but I quit after the fourth song. Maybe you'll have a different opinion.

And for those that might think I'm just a hater. I use to really like Bush, I got all their albums and I still don't consider a Hocky Game to officially be started until "Machinehead" is played.

If you want to feel the sensation of your ears bleeding you can save the 10-15 dollars and listen to the album HERE.

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Jordan said...

Someone should tell Gavin that only Phil Collins can pull off the extreme close-up album cover.

If your face is going to take up more than the entire cover then you should have an ugly face and good looking songs.. I haven't heard the album but apparently Gavin thought his face could mask the ugly music.

And more thing: Phil had the balls to do this when the common music format was an LP. CreEEPy!