Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elliott Brood's "Mountain Meadows"

One winter's eve after attending a basketball game where my Toronto Raptors demolished the hated New Jersey Nets, I went to an Elliott Brood concert without knowing what to expect. I hadn't really listened to their music and the idea of see a "country" (I use that term loosely) wasn't too too appealing to me. Let's just say I was wrong to be hesitant on going to their show - they blew me away and are an excellent band to see live. I bought their debut album "Ambassador" shortly after the gig, but I have to admit I hadn't really listened to this band since.

Flash forward to a couple days ago when I read a very interesting live review at and immediately looked up this album and thankfully Waffles had it. I've been listening to it all tonight (Along with Joy Division and Burial) and let's just say it is really catchy and brightened up my day (Joy Division and Burial isn't music to cheer you up). Definitely check out these guys live if you get the chance, download the album because it will probably be hard to find but if you can buy it - do so.

Check it out HERE.

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