Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Local H's "12 Angry Months"

Instead of the tracks going 1-12, the tracks on this album to from January to December like, you know, months. In case you haven't figured it out this is a concept album, the concept being that this is a breakup record that transpires over 12 months, 12 angry months or one angry year. This concept album reminds me a lot of Beck's "Sea Change" but musically they are further apart. None of that sappy woe-is-me breakup wreckord but a scathing and rocking breakup album.

Local H are one of those mid-90s alternative bands that actually managed to stay together and keep putting out albums. I bought "Pack Up The Cats" a couple years ago and haven't listened to it until quite recently an really enjoying it. This album gets better and better after every listen, its really melodic or anything but I guess you can't expect much from a two-person band. Anyways, the standouts on this album are "White Belt Boys" and a track that reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Simple Pleas".

Check it out:

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