Monday, June 9, 2008

The Cool Kids' " The Bake Sale" EP

Yesterday, one of my friends said "Who would have ever thought you would have turned hip-hop?", I looked at him confusingly and asked what he meant. Apparently, I've been gradually listen to more and more rap and hip-hop - which isn't me turning "Hip-Hop per se' but just me listening to more genres of music. Now, with that being said, this EP from The Cool Kids is something that my rap-inclined friends would probably laugh at. I'm not sure what the opinion from rap purists are for this band. See to me the Cool Kids are fun, lyrics are funny and the beats really are just simple but the more and more I listen to this and their "Totally Flossed Out" EP the more and more I find myself rapping along and quoting their lyrics.

I heard the buzz around their Black mags" track last year and decided to listen to it - I hated the song and didn't care for it but they won me over with songs like "88"; I (Mikey) Rock and a "Little Bit Cooler" songs which can be found on both of their EPs (If you are a fan you already know this). A new track that stands out is "What Up Man" - with funny rhymes like "Just a F.Y.I, I'm F.L.Y. and for those who can't spell it means I'm quite a swell guy" how can you not like em?

Check it out:

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