Monday, June 9, 2008

Coldplay's "Viva La Vida"

Probably the second most hotly anticipated album of the summer and, to me, it really does not disappoint. Coldplay's fourth album (Full title: Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends) takes its title from a Mexican painting - not a Ricky Martin song. It also takes its cover art from a Eugene Delacroix painting called "Liberty Leading The People" (Which I saw at the Louvre last year).

The album was also produced by a world renowned producer Brian Eno and you can tell that he has his hands on this album as this isn't the same Coldplay who released the 2005's forgettable "X&Y". The album starts with an instrumental called "Life In Technicolor", that you wish was turned into a full out song with lyrics, but I guess is an appropriate opener for the rest of the album. The next two tracks: "Cemeteries Of London" and "Lost!" are upbeat'ish, tracks despite their names then you have "42" which is one of my fave tracks thus far and has some instrumentals that remind me of Radiohead circa "Kid A".

The album does seems to slow down halfway through, I think it was pretty pointless of the band to add two tracks into one and really serves no purpose because "Lovers In Japan" and "Reign Of Love" are definitely two totally different tracks and the second half of "Yes/ Chinese Sleep Chant" is just an instrumental - I guess its the band trying to be more arty but it really is unnecessary. Anyways, after the two longer tracks the album comes to an awesome close with their two singles: the Ipod seller, title track and "Violet Hill" - two tracks which I really like. In my opnion, the last tracks of the album are always the best and probably the most important and on this album they are really enjoyable, "Strawberry Swing" is super catching and "Death And All His Friends" is a great away to end the album.

Anyways, you are probably not even reading this and just want the link, eh?? Even though all of you have probably heard the album already because it has been posted online for you to stream; I will still provide you with a solid rip of the album.



Borrego said...
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Borrego said...

The link is broken!
By the way love your blog great music! Please visit we can exchange links if you want, let me know.
Greetings from Ecuador.

M.Ho said...

Yeah, the Coldplay album was downloaded something like 400+ times but my page hasn't even gotten over 200 hits - which someone posted my work.

The album is readily available and comes out on Tuesday, I'm only going to put up links once, so sorry.

I will definitely check out your blog though.