Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cave In's "Jupiter"

First off, I'm going to say that I'm supremely lucky to have seen these guys live and actually remember some og the songs they play. I HATE it when you see a band, most likely an opener or at a festival, and you don't really like/know their stuff then a couple months/years down the road you are obsessed with them and did not appreciate them as much. This is what is happening to me with My Morning Jacket, I have seen them twice (Opened for Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam) and wasn't a real big fan but I am currently rocking them hard right now.

Anyways, I'm suppose to convince you to download this album. Cave In use to be a metal band but this is their departure record that got them signed to a major label. "Jupiter" is often described as "Space-Rock" record not like Incubus but more like Failure and Hum. Its 8 tracks but they aren't short tracks, these songs have an atmosphere about them. Big, unique songs with odd lyrics but very melodic.

"In The Stream Of Commerce" is the one song that really stands out for me and I can actually remember playing this live when I saw them. "Innuendo And The Other" I have used on mixed CDs many of times and "New Moon" is a kick ass closer. This album flow together really well and if you want to relive some early 00's alternative, I suggest you give this album a shot.

Check It Out: HERE

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connor said...

cave in are one of my favorite bands. i´ve seen them live once an the show was great.
jupiter is definitley their best album. i always was looking for the tides of tomorrow EP, because i never heard it except a song they played live.
any idea where i can find it?