Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Burial's "Untrue"

After 2007 ended I read about this band/album because it was on a lot of year-end lists and while I still don't think it would have made my Best of 2007 albums it is a really solid album to listen to. You never know it may brow to be one of my favourite in time for my "Best Albums of the 00's" list. Anyways, this is a dark electronic album - the only thing I could compare it to is a more sombre "Fight Club" soundtrack or maybe even Prodigy's "Narayan" but stretched over an entire album. I'm sure people who actually have knowledge of this genre of music are laughing at what I have written right now.

So, if you're in a downtrodden, mellow mood but don't want to listen to acoustic guitars or "Sea Change" then I recommend you give this album a shot. The tracks that stick out for me have to be "Archangel" and "Untrue". This isn't for everywhere and is a grower. Judge for yourself

Check it out HERE.

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