Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Albert Hammond, Jr.'s "Yours To Keep"

Albert Hammond's new album "Como Te Llama" leaked today and instead of posting his new album, let's talk about his very underrated debut "Yours To Keep". And yes, I do realize I may seem like an asshole not posting his AMAZING follow up effort but since only 3-5 people (Two of them being friends) who read this it doesn't really matter what you think.

Anyways, as most of you know Albert Hammond, Jr. is the afro'd guitar player for the Strokes and with this album he also display he can write awesome and catchy rock ditties. I have been listening to this album a lot lately because I've been greatly anticipated his new one and I have to admit I really fucked up when I did not place this album on my "Top Albums of '06". Its a shame I wasted a spot on "Stadium Arcadium" or even the Strokes' "First Impressions Of Earth" when this could have easily replaced them.

On tracks like "Bright Young Thing" and "101" you can't help but sing along to the simple yet, very very catchy lyrics and Hammond kills it on the last track "Hard To Live (In The City)" - its the last and best track on the album and did make my Top Songs of 2006 list.

So, download "Yours To Keep" HERE and if you are a member of a certain breakfast music site you can get "Como Te Llama" THERE.

You MAY see it here but don't hold your breath.

Fuck, I've been updating this shit way to much and I didn't even want this blog to solely be based on music.


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you fucking ass hat, don't post shit like that.

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pretty clever programming. haha.

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Just in case you havent found Como De Llama: