Monday, May 26, 2008

Weezer's "Red Album"

OK first off, this is their best album cover. Rivers may be one fucked up dude but he rocks the ironic stache amazingly - not a Tom Selleck level of amazingness but awesome nonetheless.

Anyways about Weezer, they will NEVER accomplish anything as great as their first two albums and its a shame that everyone (Including I) judges their other albums against "The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton". It just ain't fair to the band because they will never be touched. Weezer WAS a band who I loved back on the day and when Green Album came out I skipped school to buy it (I also bought Tool's "Lateralus" the same day") but for me they are a nostalgic band - a band who I use to love and will always like even though their following work isn't up to par. Sure, they had hints of brilliance here and there (Island In The Sun, Fall Together, Perfect Situation) but they are and never will be the same band. Some one attribute that to the absence of Matt Sharp but that isn't really that appropriate because we all know Weezer is Cuomo's show.

The Red Album's final two songs finally leaked and I'm presenting you with the full album. I don't think its the greatest rip but most of you probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't mention it. When I heard "Pork And Beans" I cringed because the lyrics are coming from a Harvard graduate, but I came to the realization that Weezer's lyrics were never really good and Weezer is all about catchy hooks and killer choruses. The first single got me really hyped for the album but after a couple listens there are maybe 3 songs that I really like (Heart Songs and The Angel And The One) and the rest seemed like rubbish. Apparently Rick Rubin quit on this album half way through, so Weezer must have drove him crazy. Anyways, I'll probably go back listen to "Pinkerton" and remember what once was (Again, unfairly judging).

Check it out:

P.S. The 11th track is a bonus song that is a cover. I don't know who its by and I don't really care to look for it at the moment.


C. said...

nice, I was wondering when a full version of the album would come out.

Thanks broseph

Nikki! said...

Hey, I got the link to your blog off of your buddy's ("This Is What I Know About Being Awesome"). Just to let you know, so that you don't think I'm coming in out of nowhere.

I like your style--I never really thought about how much album artwork reflects on an album (welcome to the digital world, I guess). Can't tell you I'm that into Weezer's new album though--it's sort of still all up in the air for me.

But yeah. Keep posting--you have good taste.

M.Ho said...

Wow, a comment not from C.Mac, I'm touched. First off, we're not really friends - he's my sexy pen pal.

And thank you for the "I like your style" compliment. The beauty of the internet is, is that you can be 423 pounds with terrible back-ne and braided pit hair and still be considered somewhat cool.