Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 EPs You Should Check Out

I don't think it is common knowledge what "EP" actually means, I would not have known (Or cared to find out) if it weren't for one of my "Popular Music" classes. Anyways, most of you know what a single is: A 7inch, cassette tape or CD that usually has 1-4 tracks that has the band his single and some B-Sides. These were immensely popular back in the day but have faded because the internet. I still think there is a big demand for them in the UK, but I'm not sure about that.

You also have the album or sometimes referred to as an "LP". LP stands for Long Play and since an "EP" is somewhere between a single and an LP it is called an "EP" or "Extra Play" because it usually has more tracks then a single and less then a LP. Anyways, you're probably not even reading this but one day when you are in an intense game of Trivial Pursuit and you are asked "What does EP stand for?", you can thank me.

The first EP that I recommend you download is the newest release from a Scarborough Ontario band called "The Carps". I saw them open for The Hives and I was really impressed by their show. If you miss Death From Above 1979 or are a fan of the Cool Kids you may want to check this band out. They are a two person band and I think they may be one of the next Canadian bands who people will fall in love with. Check out their "Waves and Shambles" EP here:

Next up we have probably my second favourite EP ever (At The Drive-In's "Vaya" is probably 1") TV On The Radio's "Young Liars" EP. If you haven't already heard this I suggest you do, the version of "Staring At The Sun" on this disc is better then the one that appears on their first album. "Young Liars" is really catchy and chill and has been the top song played on my Ipod for some time now. "Blind" is mellow and haunting, you may not like it at first but it definitely grows on you. And their is also a Pixies cover, "Mr Grieves", which I listen to more then the original. Check out "Young Liars" here:

And last but not least I recommend you download The First Aid Kit's "Rocket Summer" EP. This is truly an independent album which is why I couldn't find a link to their album art. Actually that is a lie it can be found at but I didn't feel like cropping it from the flash player. Anyways, the band is a pop-rock and reminds me of Modest Mouse. They put on an awesome live show and had the crowd jumping when I saw them. My favourite songs from this EP are Rocket Summer, Sleepwalk and Splitting Images. Enjoy the EP here:

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Mandy said...

EPs are still very popular in the UK in comparison to here. I still buy quite a few of them myself. Most notably I acquired the As Tall As Lions EP, Into the Flood. I know you buy a lot of cds still and so do I which I really appreciate about your love of music. I think this is a good blog. Keep it up.