Monday, May 26, 2008

Weezer's "Red Album"

OK first off, this is their best album cover. Rivers may be one fucked up dude but he rocks the ironic stache amazingly - not a Tom Selleck level of amazingness but awesome nonetheless.

Anyways about Weezer, they will NEVER accomplish anything as great as their first two albums and its a shame that everyone (Including I) judges their other albums against "The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton". It just ain't fair to the band because they will never be touched. Weezer WAS a band who I loved back on the day and when Green Album came out I skipped school to buy it (I also bought Tool's "Lateralus" the same day") but for me they are a nostalgic band - a band who I use to love and will always like even though their following work isn't up to par. Sure, they had hints of brilliance here and there (Island In The Sun, Fall Together, Perfect Situation) but they are and never will be the same band. Some one attribute that to the absence of Matt Sharp but that isn't really that appropriate because we all know Weezer is Cuomo's show.

The Red Album's final two songs finally leaked and I'm presenting you with the full album. I don't think its the greatest rip but most of you probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't mention it. When I heard "Pork And Beans" I cringed because the lyrics are coming from a Harvard graduate, but I came to the realization that Weezer's lyrics were never really good and Weezer is all about catchy hooks and killer choruses. The first single got me really hyped for the album but after a couple listens there are maybe 3 songs that I really like (Heart Songs and The Angel And The One) and the rest seemed like rubbish. Apparently Rick Rubin quit on this album half way through, so Weezer must have drove him crazy. Anyways, I'll probably go back listen to "Pinkerton" and remember what once was (Again, unfairly judging).

Check it out:

P.S. The 11th track is a bonus song that is a cover. I don't know who its by and I don't really care to look for it at the moment.

Autolux "Future Perfect"

I don't think this band is widely known about so I decided to post this '04 album for you to check out. They are a trip-hoppish band but aren't too gloomy and depressing to listen to. The band's guitar player also use to be in Failure, who's album "Fantastic Planet" is one of my favourite albums all-time. Anyways, if you're into alternative, trip-hop 2000 style you may want to check em out. They also have a new album dropping this summer, as well.

Check it out:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

LCD Soundsystem's "LCD Soundsystem"

I have been listening to this album a lot lately and yes, I may be a little late on this one but better later then never, right? I loved LCD Soundsystem's "Sound Of Silver" (Which was my 3rd fave album of '07) and had this downloaded on my comp for awhile but never really gave it a thorough chance. I've had the album on my playlist the last couple days and whenever the album comes up I can't stop listening to it - it gets catchier and catchier. I'm pretty sure The Bravery ripped off "Tribulations" (I didn't check the dates, so I could be wrong) and "Never As Tired..." is the mellow tune on this album which I've grown to love.

So, if you haven't given LCD Soundsystem a shot or just haven't downloaded their debut I suggest checking this out. Right at this moment, I would still pick "Sound Of Silver" over this but things can change - James Murphy still seems like a prick, though.

Check it out:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Foals' "Antidotes"

This album gets better and better every time I listen to it. In my opinion, Foals' music is akin to Bloc Party and/or the Klaxons, if you're a fan of those bands I would recommend you check out this album. I do think that this album maybe a grower and might not grab your attention right away but it is really a fun and enjoyable album. My favourite track on the album has to go to "Red Socks Pugie".


The National's "Virginia" EP

Yeah, yeah I know that isn't the cover for the actual EP but it is the cover for the DVD the EP is attached with. I could find an adequately sized picture of the actual cover for the EP but this is decent enough I guess. Gave this a brief listen today and found it pretty enjoyable - still hasn't fully sunken in yet but figured a lot of people would want to listen tot his anyways. This a a fuckin' EP with 12 songs, CRAZY. Anyways, here is the tracklist I got off of What.CD:

2) SANTA CLARA (UK B-side)
3) BLANK SLATE (UK B-side)
4) TALL SAINT (Demo)
8) SLOW SHOW (Demo)
9) LUCKY YOU (Daytrotter Session)
10) MANSION ON THE HILL (Live Cover)

11) FAKE EMPIRE (Live)
12) ABOUT TODAY (Live)

Check it out:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Age's "Nouns"

Aside from having the coolest album art this year, No Age bring the rock on this album. After I read a comparison to Nirvana's "Bleach" I decided to download it and after 4 listens or so I'm really starting to enjoy it. I've been downloading and listening to too much pop lately and this is a very very welcome change. "Teenage Creeps" has to be my favourite track thus far.


Santogold's Debut Album "Santogold"

As one of Rolling Stone magazine's last dedicated readers, I always look forward to their list issues. Even though their year end lists don't sit too well with me, I am always interesting in the "Who's Going To Be Big in 200-whatever" list.

Now, I'll let you in on something about my character, I hate hype and if you tell me to listen to a band I'll 80 percent of the time dismiss the recommendation. I have to read about the band or hear about them through people's music tastes I can actually trust - I'm just a picky loser like that. Anyways, when reading who Rolling Stone thought was going to be big in 2008, I was sick of hearing about Vampire Weekend and I thought that there was no way that I could be a fan of the two hippies in MGMT but in both cases I was really wrong and enjoyed both their albums. I then decided to give Santogold a chance a couple weeks ago after reading various posts on her and I haven't stopped listening since.

Now, digging Santogold's album is a real stretch for me because I'm not a real hardcore fan of her music but the album is soooooo catchy and good - I've been listening to it for the past week straight. "L.E.S. Artistes" reminds me of The Strokes + Gwen Stefani (But you know, black) and then there are tracks like "Creator" that get the obvious M.I.A. comparison. I think you should really check this album out for yourself - even if you're not a huge fan of her type of music. If you're have been listening to this as much as I have you'll probably be buying Bud Light Lime in no time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 EPs You Should Check Out

I don't think it is common knowledge what "EP" actually means, I would not have known (Or cared to find out) if it weren't for one of my "Popular Music" classes. Anyways, most of you know what a single is: A 7inch, cassette tape or CD that usually has 1-4 tracks that has the band his single and some B-Sides. These were immensely popular back in the day but have faded because the internet. I still think there is a big demand for them in the UK, but I'm not sure about that.

You also have the album or sometimes referred to as an "LP". LP stands for Long Play and since an "EP" is somewhere between a single and an LP it is called an "EP" or "Extra Play" because it usually has more tracks then a single and less then a LP. Anyways, you're probably not even reading this but one day when you are in an intense game of Trivial Pursuit and you are asked "What does EP stand for?", you can thank me.

The first EP that I recommend you download is the newest release from a Scarborough Ontario band called "The Carps". I saw them open for The Hives and I was really impressed by their show. If you miss Death From Above 1979 or are a fan of the Cool Kids you may want to check this band out. They are a two person band and I think they may be one of the next Canadian bands who people will fall in love with. Check out their "Waves and Shambles" EP here:

Next up we have probably my second favourite EP ever (At The Drive-In's "Vaya" is probably 1") TV On The Radio's "Young Liars" EP. If you haven't already heard this I suggest you do, the version of "Staring At The Sun" on this disc is better then the one that appears on their first album. "Young Liars" is really catchy and chill and has been the top song played on my Ipod for some time now. "Blind" is mellow and haunting, you may not like it at first but it definitely grows on you. And their is also a Pixies cover, "Mr Grieves", which I listen to more then the original. Check out "Young Liars" here:

And last but not least I recommend you download The First Aid Kit's "Rocket Summer" EP. This is truly an independent album which is why I couldn't find a link to their album art. Actually that is a lie it can be found at but I didn't feel like cropping it from the flash player. Anyways, the band is a pop-rock and reminds me of Modest Mouse. They put on an awesome live show and had the crowd jumping when I saw them. My favourite songs from this EP are Rocket Summer, Sleepwalk and Splitting Images. Enjoy the EP here:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Narrow Stairs" by Death Cab For Cutie

I'm not going to sugar-coat this. I'm only posting this album in hopes that people will search it out and stumble across my blog and bookmark it. I haven't really told anyone about my newly created blog and I'll spread the word myself later on. I'm hoping that some of the music I post will entice people to visit "What Else Can I Write" again.

I haven't given this album a solid listening yet (Weezer's "Red Album" is getting most of my attention right now), but figure there are a lot of people out there who have been waiting for this disc.

The only opinion I really have of this album right now is that the album art is pretty damn terrible, but if you're a music fan that doesn't buy music that wouldn't really matter would it? I buy a shitload of CD's and look down on people who don't but I think spreading music trumps those feelings. You can find "Narrow Stairs" HERE


Ribbon Cutting First Post

"Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first."

Lets keep this a short first post, at the urging of my friends and realization that SOME people may be interested in what I think, I decided to start my own blog. I've never really gotten fully into the blog thing so we'll see how this goes. I hope to write on a wide array of topcs here but that all depends on my motivation. I can see this basically being a music blog but I hope for content in other fields, maybe Dramatic Prairie Dogs?